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yum install smartmontools

#smartctl –help
smartctl version 5.38 [i686-redhat-linux-gnu] Copyright (C) 2002-8 Bruce Allen
Home page is

Usage: smartctl [options] device

============================================ SHOW INFORMATION OPTIONS =====

-h, –help, –usage
Display this help and exit

-V, –version, –copyright, –license
Print license, copyright, and version information and exit

-i, –info
Show identity information for device

-a, –all
Show all SMART information for device

================================== SMARTCTL RUN-TIME BEHAVIOR OPTIONS =====

-q TYPE, –quietmode=TYPE (ATA)
Set smartctl quiet mode to one of: errorsonly, silent, noserial

-d TYPE, –device=TYPE
Specify device type to one of: ata, scsi, marvell, sat, 3ware,N

-T TYPE, –tolerance=TYPE (ATA)
Tolerance: normal, conservative, permissive, verypermissive

-b TYPE, –badsum=TYPE (ATA)
Set action on bad checksum to one of: warn, exit, ignore

-r TYPE, –report=TYPE
Report transactions (see man page)

-n MODE, –nocheck=MODE (ATA)
No check if: never, sleep, standby, idle (see man page)

============================== DEVICE FEATURE ENABLE/DISABLE COMMANDS =====

-s VALUE, –smart=VALUE
Enable/disable SMART on device (on/off)

-o VALUE, –offlineauto=VALUE (ATA)
Enable/disable automatic offline testing on device (on/off)

-S VALUE, –saveauto=VALUE (ATA)
Enable/disable Attribute autosave on device (on/off)

======================================= READ AND DISPLAY DATA OPTIONS =====

-H, –health
Show device SMART health status

-c, –capabilities (ATA)
Show device SMART capabilities

-A, –attributes
Show device SMART vendor-specific Attributes and values

-l TYPE, –log=TYPE
Show device log. TYPE: error, selftest, selective, directory,
background, scttemp[sts,hist]

-v N,OPTION , –vendorattribute=N,OPTION (ATA)
Set display OPTION for vendor Attribute N (see man page)

-F TYPE, –firmwarebug=TYPE (ATA)
Use firmware bug workaround: none, samsung, samsung2,
samsung3, swapid

-P TYPE, –presets=TYPE (ATA)
Drive-specific presets: use, ignore, show, showall

============================================ DEVICE SELF-TEST OPTIONS =====

-t TEST, –test=TEST
Run test. TEST: offline short long conveyance select,M-N
pending,N afterselect,[on|off] scttempint,N[,p]

-C, –captive
Do test in captive mode (along with -t)

-X, –abort
Abort any non-captive test on device

=================================================== SMARTCTL EXAMPLES =====

smartctl –all /dev/hda (Prints all SMART information)

smartctl –smart=on –offlineauto=on –saveauto=on /dev/hda
(Enables SMART on first disk)

smartctl –test=long /dev/hda (Executes extended disk self-test)

smartctl –attributes –log=selftest –quietmode=errorsonly /dev/hda
(Prints Self-Test & Attribute errors)
smartctl –all –device=3ware,2 /dev/sda
smartctl –all –device=3ware,2 /dev/twe0
smartctl –all –device=3ware,2 /dev/twa0
(Prints all SMART info for 3rd ATA disk on 3ware RAID controller)
smartctl –all –device=hpt,1/1/3 /dev/sda
(Prints all SMART info for the SATA disk attached to the 3rd PMPort
of the 1st channel on the 1st HighPoint RAID controller)

1、smartctl -a 检查该设备是否已经打开SMART技术。
2、smartctl -s on 如果没有打开SMART技术,使用该命令打开SMART技术。
3、smartctl -t short 后台检测硬盘,消耗时间短;
smartctl -t long 后台检测硬盘,消耗时间长;
smartctl -C -t short 前台检测硬盘,消耗时间短;
smartctl -C -t long 前台检测硬盘,消耗时间长。其实就是利用硬盘SMART的自检程序。
4、smartctl -X 中断后台检测硬盘。
5、smartctl -l selftest 显示硬盘检测日志。
6、smartctl -l error 显示硬盘错误汇总。

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